[May 29, 2018] Storage Technical V1 C9020-668 Test Questions

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[May 29, 2018] Storage Technical V1 C9020-668 Test Questions

A customer wants to improve overall. workload performance and is considering adding either an IBM Storwize V7000F or an !BM FlashSystem A9000 to the environment.
Which key performance characteristic differentiates these two products?
A. Queue time
B. Connect time
C. Cache hit rate
D. Latency
Answer: D

A solution architect has determined the amount of spindles needed to satisfy performance and RAID level requirements for an IBM DS8886.
Which tool provides information on the number of spare drives included in the system?
A. Capacity Magic
B Disk Magic
C. e-config
Answer: A

A customer needs to import and export volumes between IBM Spectrum Virtualize clusters that are geographically separated.
How can this be accomplished?
A. Implement IBM Spectrum Archive
B. Snapshots with Transparent Cloud Tiering
C. Utilize tiering-to-tape media
D. Create image mode voIumes
Answer: B

Which IBM flash System A9000 function enables the division of storage system administration tasks into logical domains?
A. Access-based permissions
B. Storage-based permissions
C. Interface-based permissions
D. Role-based permissions
Answer: D

A customer has multiple data types and is looking for space savings on the storage environment.
Which data type can benefit from Real-time Compression?
A. Encrypted user documents
B. Virtual servers
C. Media files
D. Compress
Answer: B

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